i3 Gen: Who Do We Help?

Working with civilian and military organisations,

i3 Gen improves Engagement and Communications

through the development of well-crafted narratives,

delivered through emotionally engaging stories;

which are based upon structured planning and measurable effects.

i3 Gen Communication Strategies for Business and Civilian organisations


Whether its Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Public Affairs or Human Resources, effective Engagement and Communications is essential.

i3 Gen provides practical training, ongoing advice and outsourced management services to any size business or non-profit organisation, with a focus on Digital and Social Media. We work with your existing teams to develop the communication strategies that are right for you.

i3 Gen communications and social media for military organisations


i3 Gen provides training, consultancy and managed social media for military organisations. We work with the Military to improve Engagement and Communications for the purposes of Recruitment and Retention, as well as supporting Families, Veterans and local communities.

i3 Gen also provides specialist training and advice to develop capabilities in Public Affairs, Strategic Communications, Information Operations and Civil Military Co-operation.


The fundamentals of effective Communications and Engagement are not difficult to grasp. In fact, they have been well known and practised for thousands of years.

We are most influential when we use our instinctive ability to tell Stories.

At i3 Gen we help you develop and tell stories that are emotionally engaging, informative and entertaining.


Whilst words can be inspiring alone, lasting effect comes when the observed actions are in line with our rhetoric; and if the opposite occurs, then the belief and trust in our words crumbles.

In military parlance, we understand this as the importance of Joint Action and closing the ‘Say/Do’ gap.

i3 Gen helps you plan and execute communications and engagement programmes that are more than just words!

If TRUTH were self-evident,

then ELOQUENCE would not be necessary!

Marcus Tullius Cicero (1st Century BC)

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