i3 Gen Generates:

generate interest for marketing communications


The first objective in any communications and engagement activity is to stimulate and build interest in your audience. Without an interested audience, everything else you do is simply a waste of time and resource!

Key elements in generating Interest are understanding your target audience; good design and creative branding; relevant messaging with well-written copy; entertaining and informative content that adds genuine value to the reader, and enduring programmes that facilitate and encourage engagement.

command influence for marketing communications


At the heart of all communications and engagement, for whatever purpose, is the wish to influence the target audience in some manner; whether to buy our product or service or take a particular point of view or even to influence others on our behalf.

To generate influence you need to bring something valued to the situation; this can be; interesting and useful content; a ‘brand’ to be associated with; an identifiable and reachable network or audience; or of course great products or services.

utilise intelligence for marketing communications


Intelligence is an invaluable function of marketing and information operations. However, although many will acknowledge that ‘market research’ has a role, it is rarely a priority. Good storytellers will always strive to gain insights and understanding of their audiences before they begin.

In the digital age, there is an abundance of ‘open source’ or freely available intelligence and analytics. Some intelligence is packaged up nicely in the platform analytics, other insights need to be gathered and synthesised from incidental data sources.

What We Do

i3 Gen and its extended network of associates provide specialist consulting expertise, training and capability development and support. We build custom teams, as determined by client project requirements, and always aim to provide the best value while assuring overall quality and maintaining a single client point of contact.


i3 Gen has developed a range of training courses for all levels of Communications and Engagement and, rather than deliver the same content to all clients, we take time to tailor our Instructor Led courses to the audience; especially between Civilian and Military audiences.

Our courses cover the essential background understanding, the core principles, and pragmatic best practices. Our course delivery is highly interactive, with many attendees commenting on the value of peer to peer discussions as well as the group based practical exercises that turn theory into practice and help to ‘bed-in’ the learning.


From understanding of your audience (market), through developing a strategic communications plans, to planning and managing your communications and engagement activities; military Information Operations has much in common with Marketing, and Engagement and Communications.

Members of the i3 Gen team and our associates are experienced InfoOps planners and Information Activity operators. For Military and Defence organisations, i3 Gen offer a range of training courses that focus on building Information Operations Capabilities.

We are also able to provide Advisory support and can provide a robust, experienced OpFor capability with our Red Information Operations Team – [R.I.O.T.].


i3 Gen are also able to provide Subject Matter Experts to provide ongoing Advisory Support for your projects, exercises or operations. Our team of associates have extensive Knowledge, Skills and Expertise in all aspects of Communications and Engagement, as well as Military Information Operations and Activities.

In addition to providing Advisors to support or augment your team, i3 Gen provide ‘Managed Services’, in particular, our Social Media Management, Communications Strategy Planning and Review, and Communications Campaign Planning and Delivery Management..


i3 Gen works both in the UK and Internationally, with commercial clients from Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Sector, Non-Profits, and Specialist Agencies.

In the military sector, i3 Gen’s clients include NATO and the British Army.

Further client details and references are available upon request.