Seeing Red

Seeing Red! – What is Red Teaming, and what is its Value?

BLUF: It is cheaper and safer to discover the flaws and opportunities for improvement in a safe environment with an effective Red Team, than to find out in the wild, facing real consequences and costs!   In military circles there is a famous and, frankly clichéd, quote regarding planning; it’s often misattributed, misquoted or partially…


The Keys to the Kingdom – Who runs your social media accounts?

Whether a senior officer looking to get some extra support for their social media activity or a unit or formation looking to develop their online presence (and posture and profile – PPP), choosing staff to assist, manage or curate any account should not be taken lightly. Consider what Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) that individual or team brings to the party and how training and external support can be used to achieve the desired communications effects and support the commander’s intent and the requirements of an increasingly #DigitalArmy.