i3 Gen are also able to provide Subject Matter Experts to provide ongoing Communications Consulting Services for your projects, exercises or operations. Our team of associates have extensive Knowledge, Skills and Expertise in all aspects of Communications and Engagement, as well as Military Information Operations and Activities.

In addition to providing Advisors to support or augment your team, i3 Gen provides ‘Managed Services’, in particular, our Social Media Management, Communications Strategy Planning and Review, and Communications Campaign Planning and Delivery Management.


Strategy Planning and Review for Communications

Closely aligned with the core objectives; your communications strategy should be clear, focused and most importantly, deliverable. Without a good Engagement and Communications strategy, you are gambling with your resources, budget and reputation!

i3 Gen Communications Consulting Services works alongside your exisitng to identify the channels, programmes and timelines that will successfully engage and communicate with your key audiences.

i3 Gen also provides a planning review and ‘Red Team’ service that will help test the resilience of your plans against possible and probable competitive or adverse situations.

Communications Consulting Services for Messaging and Story-Crafting

At the heart of effective Engagement and Communications lies a well-crafted story. Instinctively, we all relate to a well-crafted story and tend to recall and importantly retell these messages to our audiences.

Using the intelligence defined in your marketing strategy, our Communications Consulting Services work with you to develop a set of key messages and engaging stories that will first gain your audience’s interest and then influence them to take action.

Campaign Planning and Management

Ensuring your story gets heard requires a campaign of marketing activity, and effective campaigns need to be well planned and managed. In addition to prior planning, during the management of the campaign, the options to adjust and react to changing conditions needs to be built-in.

Consideration needs to be given to available budget; audience identification and analysis; communications channels; content creation;production and design; programme timing and activity synchronisation; measurement, monitoring and reporting.

With a focus on results, i3 Gen will create and manage the execution of your campaign; including managing suppliers, internal participants and stakeholders.