5 Day Course:

Social Media Boot Camp

Learner Requirements

There are no prerequisites to attend this basic-level course. Open to all and aimed at individuals with minimal Social Media experience.

Aims & Objectives

An intensive 5-day course that takes participants from a minimal initial understanding to being confident and capable Social Media communicators. It is a combination of the Foundation, Accelerator and Applied Social Media courses.

Course Description

The course is wide-ranging, and after addressing the core principles and foundational knowledge, it looks at Social Media campaign planning techniques; message and content development; integrated delivery programmes; and performance and effects measurement.

  • Characteristics of different social networks
  • Opening accounts and using different devices
  • Creating your ‘Bio’
  • Selection and use of Avatars
  • Using Social Media safely and securely
  • Social Media etiquette and how to handle ‘trolls’
  • How to post updates, share content and interact on different social networks
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media
  • Different use cases and ‘personas’; personal and/or professional
  • Managing multiple Social Networks and Accounts
  • Organically growing your Social Network and Reach
  • Using analytics to gain insights and improve usage
  • Improved Content design and discovery
  • Introduction message development, use of story structures and Social Media campaign planning.
  • Introduction to Social Media tools
  • Techniques and tools for Target Audience Analysis
  • Sources of Intelligence and methods to generate Insights
  • Delivering your ‘stories’ to different audiences
  • Creating effective, multi-stage, multi-platform content plans
  • Co-ordinating different digital platforms and programmes
  • Creating engagement and communication pathways
  • Aligning with non-digital activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation and measuring effectiveness
  • Creating and communicating social media and digital plans