3 Day Course:

Social Media Communicators

Learner Requirements

Aimed at individuals who understand Social Media and have ongoing communications and engagement responsibilities and who want to increase their application of Social Media within their communications programmes and improve the effects and outcomes.

Attendees should have a good understanding of Social Media and a working knowledge of communications planning and delivery.

Aims & Objectives

This course is a combined 3 Day version of the Social Media Accelerator and Applied Social Media courses.

Course Description

Building upon a good, working knowledge of Social Media. This course delivers a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Social Media and how it can be applied effectively in ongoing Communications and Engagement.

This combined course covers the skills and techniques to enable you to build your understanding, confidence and competence across a range of Social Media platforms; and how to apply these skills and knowledge in effective communications and engagement programmes.

The topics covered include:

  • Different use cases and ‘personas’; personal and/or professional
  • Managing multiple Social Networks and Accounts
  • Organically growing your Social Network and Reach
  • Using analytics to gain insights and improve use
  • Improved Content design and discovery
  • Introduction message development, use of story structures and Social Media campaign planning.
  • Introduction to Social Media tools
  • Techniques and tools for Target Audience Analysis
  • Sources of Intelligence and methods to generate Insights
  • Delivering your ‘stories’ to different audiences
  • Creating effective, multi-stage, multi-platform content plans
  • Co-ordinating different digital platforms and programmes
  • Creating engagement and communication pathways
  • Aligning with non-digital activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation and measuring effectiveness
  • Creating and communicating social media and digital plans