1 Day Course:

Social Media Foundation

Learner Requirements

Open to all and aimed at individuals with minimal Social Media experience.

There are no prerequisites to attend this basic-level course.

Aims & Objectives

After completing this course, attendees will have a broad understanding of Social Media and be comfortable using Social Media in a Safe and Professional Manner.

Course Description

This course is available as a closed or public course and is available in two core variants; one for Defence and related personnel only and the other for a civilian/mixed audience.  The course structure is common for both variants, however for Defence only audiences, the content, guidance and policies are specifically tailored to the Defence community.

This course focusses on the ‘Safe Handling’ of Social Media’; enabling attendees to feel comfortable using Social Media for professional purposes, working within their organisational structure i.e. Team/Unit, Department/Formation, Organisation/Service.

This introductory course covers the basic setup, configuration and safe use of major Social Media Platforms. The topics covered include:

  • Characteristics of different social networks
  • Opening accounts and using different devices
  • Creating your ‘Bio’
  • Selection and use of Avatars
  • Using Social Media safely and securely
  • Social Media etiquette and how to handle ‘trolls’
  • How to post updates, share content and interact on different social networks
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media