1 Day Workshop:

Story-Crafting for Communications and Engagement

Learner Requirements

This workshop is open to all who want to learn how to tell better stories in their professional roles in order to improve effective communications and increase audience engagement.

Aims & Objectives

This workshop focuses on developing a strong understanding of story frameworks and how to deliver persuasive stories through different means, online and offline.

Attendees will gain insights into the theory and practice of story-crafting and will undertake exercises that will develop their own stories.

Course Description

At the core of effective Engagement and Communications lies a well-crafted story. We instinctively relate to a well-crafted story and tend to recall and importantly retell these messages to our own audiences.

This workshop introduces the structures and techniques of ‘story-telling’, and provides you with a framework to craft your own personal and organisational stories.

  • What are the critical elements of story?
  • How to be both engaging and professional?
  • How to use story structures in the digital age?