Conducting great marketing!

Following on from my post on the importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment; another example of many parts working together to deliver great results is the practice of Integrated Marketing.

There are many different tools and techniques available to marketing people, much like instruments and musicians in an orchestra. When these musicians come together in an Orchestra playing a great symphony under the guidance of a skilled conductor then the resulting sound is so much more impressive than any of the individual sections could achieve alone.

Each musician in an orchestra is a specialist and can play with expertise and individual talent, listening to solo performances is often impressive and moving, but for me, the real power of orchestral music is in hearing the coordinated and highly integrated sound of a symphony.

There is a strong analogy here with Integrated Marketing; the different parts of an orchestra are like the different marketing tools and techniques; the musical score is like the marketing plan; the composer is your marketing strategist and the conductor, of course, is the marketing leader responsible for the overall execution and delivery.

Another aspect of this metaphor for great marketing is that great conductors (marketing leaders), became so because they learnt and are accomplished musicians in their own right, normally skilled in different instruments and musical styles. This is important, as when you are looking to bring onboard marketing leadership, having someone with a breadth of skills and experience is as important as depth. This, of course, needs to be accompanied by up-to-date knowledge for example in Digital and Social Media Marketing and Marketing Automation.

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