The Keys to the Kingdom – Who runs your social media accounts?

Whether a senior officer looking to get some extra support for their social media activity or a unit or formation looking to develop their online presence (and posture and profile – PPP), choosing staff to assist, manage or curate any account should not be taken lightly. Consider what Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSE) that individual or team brings to the party and how training and external support can be used to achieve the desired communications effects and support the commander’s intent and the requirements of an increasingly #DigitalArmy.

Considering ‘Dominating Duffer’s Domain’ through the lens of Digital and Social Media

Dominating Duffer’s Domain:  Lessons for the US Army Information Operations PractitionerBy Christopher Paul and William Marcellino (RAND Corporation) A Review by Ric Cole, Director (Military), i3 Gen Summary Written in the style of The Defence of Duffer’s Drift by Maj Gen Ernest Dunlop Swinton in 1904, this short (about 50 pages) piece sees a young…

US Army Light Artillery

A military metaphor for grasping Social Media.

Recently I’ve been discussing the importance and far-reaching impact of ‘social’ for military organisations. There are many opportunities and scenarios where understanding and effective deployment of social media skills and the reach of social networks can have a significant and lasting effect. The use of social media and social techniques for communicating and influencing diverse…