Social Media and Digital Marketing can be extremely effective platforms for Engagement and Communications. However, without the right Knowledge, Skills and Experience, the results will likely be at best disappointing and at worst highly damaging to your personal or organisational brand and reputation.

i3 Gen offer a range of courses that will help you develop competence and confidence in Social Media and Digital Marketing resulting in improved Engagement and Communications.

Below are our standard courses, we also frequently run bespoke courses based on specific organisational requirements.

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Social Media Training

Social Media Foundation

1 Day Course

This introductory course covers the basic setup, configuration and safe use of major Social Media Platforms.

The topics covered include:

  • Characteristics of different social networks
  • Opening accounts and using different devices
  • Creating your ‘Bio’
  • Selection and use of Avatars
  • Using Social Media safely and securely
  • Social Media etiquette and how to handle ‘trolls’
  • How to post updates, share content and interact on different social networks
  • Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media

Social Media Accelerator

1 Day Course

Aimed at individuals who have some Social Media experience. This course introduces the skills and techniques to enable you to build your understanding, confidence and competence across a range of Social Media platforms.

The topics covered include:

  • Different use cases and ‘personas’; personal and/or professional
  • Managing multiple Social Networks and Accounts
  • Organically growing your Social Network and Reach
  • Using analytics to gain insights and improve use
  • Improved Content design and discovery
  • Introduction to Social Media tools

Social Media Fast Start

2 Day Combined Course

This course combines the Social Media Foundation and Accelerator courses in a 2 day back-to-back format. The advantage of this, is that it covers all the best practices from set-up to competent user, including any aspects that may have been overlooked when initially starting out with Social Media.

Key Leader Personal Branding and Social Media Coaching

1 Day Course

This course is specifically designed for individuals in leadership roles within an organisation. For a maximum of 3 people per day, it covers the different approaches to Social Media use when in a leadership role, and how to integrate into a wider organisational communications strategy.

Topics include:

  • Creating an authentic Leader’s persona
  • Balancing personality and position
  • Good leadership practices on social media to support your personal and organisational goals
  • When and how to delegate account authority and management
  • Building personal ‘eminence’ and brand
  • Being part of and supporting a social media team

Senior Officer Social Media PPP
(Presence, Posture, Profile)

1 Day Course

This military variant of our Key Leaders course is for military personnel only. It is suitable for all senior military leadership ranks (OF5+ and SNCOs), and is limited to maximum of 3 individuals per course.
It covers all the content in our Key Leaders course, plus some specific considerations for Defence and Military organisations including working alongside Strategic Communications and Information Operations.

Digital Marketing Training

Story-Crafting Workshop

1 Day Workshop

At the core of effective Engagement and Communications lies a well crafted story. We instinctively relate to a well crafted story and tend to recall and importantly retell these messages to our own audiences.

This workshop introduces the structures and techniques of
‘story-telling’, and provides you with a framework to craft your own personal and organisational stories.

  • What are the critical elements of story?
  • How to be both engaging and professional?
  • How to use story structures in the digital age?

Applied Social Media and Digital Marketing

3 Day Course

Aimed at individuals who are experienced with using Social Media and have a good understanding of their core narrative and messages, and strategic objectives. This course looks at how we apply these skills and understanding in a sustained communications strategy in order to achieve effective results.

Our approach focuses on how we identify and gain audience Interest; and then how to utilise social media and digital marketing to Influence this audience. This approach relies on gathering Intelligence and insights in order to understand our audience, what we have to offer, and other relevant factors such as competition and situation.

The topics covered include:
  • Techniques and tools for Target Audience Analysis
  • Sources of Intelligence and methods to generate Insights
  • Delivering your ‘stories’ to different audiences
  • Creating effective, multi-stage, multi-platform content plans
  • Co-ordinating different digital platforms and programmes
  • Creating engagement and communication pathways
  • Aligning with non-digital activities
  • Monitoring and evaluation and measuring effectiveness
  • Creating and communicating social media and digital plans

Please contact us for the latest course availability and locations or if you would like to discuss a custom course.