Twitter is Chum!

Have you ever watched the movie Jaws?

Do you remember the scene when Police Chief Brody (Roy Schneider) was leaning over, throwing blood and guts over the side of the boat?

If you didn’t know, that gory gunk in the bucket is called ‘Chum’ and game fishers use it to attract the big fish they are hoping to hook and land.

Well, that’s what using Twitter for marketing is;

Twitter is Chum… its purpose is to attract a target audience!


If all you do is throw chum in the water, then you’re not going to catch any fish!
You need to have the rest in place; you need bait, hook, a rod and line that’s fit for purpose and the skills to use them effectively; you’ll also need a ‘big enough boat’ and once you’ve caught your fish, you need to get it ashore and to market to sell to realise a return on investment.

This is exactly the same for marketing; each of the elements above have their equivalent in digital marketing and without them you’re digital marketing plans will fail.

  • Chum – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn updates
  • Bait – engaging messages and
  • Hook – valued associated content (LinkedIn Posts, YouTube, Blog and ) and a Call to Action
  • Rod and Line – Website Contact Capture and ideally a Marketing Automation Platform
  • Boat – CRM
  • Shore team – Sales

Essentially, my opinion here is that effective digital marketing needs a strategy and joined up activities otherwise you’ll just be wasting time and money attracting fish for other better prepared fishers to hook and land.

What are you thoughts?