i3 Gen has used Wargames as part of its training methodology since its inception and has increasingly been asked to design and deliver wargames or strategy games as standalone projects. To reflect this expertise, we have created a dedicated Strategy Game Design and Delivery Service. Our working title for this service is creatively named i3 Gen WarGaming Service or simply i3 Gen WGS 

Our Wargames are generally adaptations of Matrix Wargaming, also known as Narrative Wargames, and depending on the nature of the requirement, our designs will also include other elements such as ‘resource engines’ which simulate input/output investment choices.

i3 Gen’s Wargame experience spans Military Strategy (especially Subthreshold or ‘Greyzone’, Strategic Communications and Information Operations) as well as Corporate and Government Strategic Planning, including the impact of technology and other emerging policy and corporate issues.

Strategy Gaming

Why use Strategy Gaming* ?

Simulate Real-world Scenarios

Utilises game mechanics to model complex systems and outcomes, providing insights into potential real-world consequences of decisions.

Risk Assessment 

Offers a safe environment to experiment with different approaches and strategies, identifying potential risks and rewards without actual stakes.

Informed Decision-making 

Integrates data and predictive analytics, allowing policy and lawmakers to make evidence-based decisions and anticipate future challenges.

Stakeholder Engagement

Encourages collaboration and negotiation among various in-game factions, mirroring the real-world need for consensus-building and compromise.

Skill Development

Cultivates critical thinking, planning, and adaptive leadership skills, essential for effective policy and legislative development.

*Also known as Wargaming or Serious Gaming

Are you interested in Wargaming for your Organisation?

Our Wargame clients include UK MoD, DSTL, NATO, Faculty.AI / Tony Blair Institue.

To talk to us about designing and running a Strategy Wargame Programme for your organisation, please email wsg@i3gen.co.uk or use our contact form.